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Back Head Neck Shoulder
Back + Head + Neck + Shoulder

Relaxing - Firm

Ideal for those with built-up tension and headaches; our back, head, neck and shoulder massage will help relieve discomfort by relaxing the muscles and releasing tension in the affected areas.

30m          45m         60m           90m
$60           $75           $90            $135

Back Scrub Steam Massage
Back + Scrub + Steam Massage

Relaxing - Firm

Beginning with a sea salt back scrub and steam, then followed by a firm massage with the use of aromatherapy oils. Your skin will feel soft and your back tension will be alleviated.

60m          90m          120m
$120          $175          $230

Love Your Feet

Foot and Calf Massage
Foot+Calf Massage

Relaxing - Firm

Foot Reflexology has multiple advantages, including relaxing the muscles in the foot that correspond to various organs in the body. It also helps you establish a harmonious balance.

30m          45m         60m           90m            120m
$60           $75           $90            $135            $170

Foot Spa and Scrub + Upper Back Massage
Foot Spa & Scrub + Upper Back
Reflexology + Upper Back Massage

Relaxing - Firm

This treatment focuses on the pressure points in the foot and helps to eradicate unpleasant odours. It concludes with a head and upper back massage that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

60m          90m   
$100          $150






Thai Facial Massage
Thai Facial Massage
With Ultrasonic


Assists in tightening the skin and bring moisture to the surface. Energy is released as blood circulates through the face and head. Cream is pushed deep into the skin using an ultrasonic pulsar. This massage reduces wrinkles, and stimulates the face's pressure points. Complete Bliss

30m          45m         60m  
$60           $80           $100

Choose between
Original Thai.
or a Combination of both
Original Thai Massage
Original Thai Massage
Non Oily

 Firm - Strong

Thai Massage Therapy is one of Thailand's oldest traditions and is widely considered as a medical discipline used for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. It's a deep, full-body massage with yoga-style stretching. You may feel both relaxed and energized, in an almost dream like state.

45m          60m         90m           120m           150m
$75           $90           $135           $180            $225

Aromatherapy Oils
Thai Aroma Therapy
Essential Oil

Relaxing - Firm

This is a relaxing massage that can help with mental and physical stress, pain, and exhaustion. By combining this massage technique and our own blend of aromatherapy oil, Thai Aroma Therapy can help you feel better.

45m         60m          90m           120m           150m
$75           $90           $135           $180            $225

Warm up your muscles

BenefitsReduce stress, tension, and pain, improve circulation, relieving muscle tension and may also help to reduce cellulite and improve skin elasticity. 

Deep Tissue Hot Oil Massage
Deep Tissue Hot Oil 
Organic Coconut or Essential Oil

 Firm - Strong

This treatment helps you release muscle tightness by using our essential hot oil and applying pressure deep into your muscle.

45m         60m          90m          120m         150m
$85          $100          $150          $200          $250

4 Hand Massage (essential oil
4 Hand Massage
Essential Oil

 Firm - Strong

Experiance our full body massage includes

2 Therapists, 4 Hands at the same time. Choose between 3 Aroma Thai Essential Oils (Relaxing, Refreshing or Healing). Concentrate on areas where your body needs most care. T&C’s apply

45m         60m          90m          120m
$140         $180          $270          $360

Thai Fusion
Thai Fusion
Thai + Aromatherapy

Relaxing - Firm

It’s a combination of original thai & aromatherapy massage. This type of massage helps the mind & muscles relax by combining firm stretchers with our aromatherapy oil.

45m         60m          90m           120m           150m
$75           $90           $135           $180            $225

Hot Oil Relaxation Massage
Hot Oil Relaxation
Organic Coconut or Essential Oil

Relaxing - Firm

Relax with your choice of aromatherapy oil or organic coconut oil, both warm and fragrant; this massage will help you relax and unwind from everyday stress while leaving your skin soft & smooth.

45m         60m          90m          120m          150m  
$85          $100          $150          $200           $250

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage

Relaxing - Firm

Hot stones are placed in certain areas of the body and produce heat to ease stress, relax muscles, enhance sleeping patterns and circulation, relieve pain, and eliminate toxins. Excellent for your overall health
and well-being.

60m          90m         120m          150m   
$130          $195         $260           $325    

Remedial Anchor

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Remedial Massage
Remedial Massage
Available at Aroma Thai Brunswick St Fitzroy. By Appointment Only

 Firm - Strong

Our Qualified Therapist can assist you and tailor the massage to suit your needs, Releasing tight, sore muscles by focusing on areas with muscle tightness and pain. 


Health Insurance Claim Available

60m          90m          120m   
$120          $180          $240    

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