Service & Prices

Back + Head + Neck + Shoulder

Ideal for those with built-up tension & headaches; our back, head, neck and shoulder massage will help with the pain by relaxing the muscles and releasing tension in the affected areas.

15m       30m        45m       60m        90m
$25        $45         $65        $80         $120

Love Your Feet

Foot+Calf Massage

Foot Reflexology provides several benefits such as; relaxing the muscles of the feet which relate to different organs in the body. It also achieves a harmonious

balance as well.

30m        45m        60m        90m       120m
$45         $65          $75         $110       $140

Pregnancy Massage
Calm & Gentle / By Appointment Only

A calm and gentle massage which reduces the stress of pregnancy. Relax and unwind with our non scented 100% Essential Oil.

30m        45m        60m        90m    
$55         $75         $95         $125    

Original Thai?
or both?
Thai Aroma Therapy
100% Essential Oil

This is a relaxing massage which provides benefits in the treatment of stress, pain, fatigue & depression of mind & body. Thai Aroma Therapy can help you feel better with the use of 100% Aromatherapy oils

45m       60m         90m        120m        150m        180m
$65        $75          $110         $140         $170          $200

Warm Up Your Muscles

Deep Tissue Hot Oil 
Organic Coconut or Essential Oil

This treatment is to help release muscle tightness by pushing with strong presser deep into your muscle and applying our 100% Essential Hot Oil.

60m        90m       120m       150m       180m    
$90         $130       $160         $190        $220

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Beginning with a sea salt back scrub together with steam, then followed by a firm massage with the use of aromatherapy oils. Your skin will feel soft and relieved from back tension.

Back + Scrub + Steam Massage

60m        90m         120m
$100        $130         $160

Foot Spa & Scrub + Upper Back
Reflexology + Upper Back Massage

Helps eliminate unwanted odours and focuses on the pressure points in the foot, It ends with a head massage and an upper back massage to leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

60m        90m   
$100        $135


Smooth Calm


Thai Facial Massage
With Ultrasonic

helps tighten the skin and bring moisture to the surface. Energy is released and the blood circulates to the face and head. An Ultrasonic pulsar is used to push deep into the skin with cream. This type of Massage helps firm your skin, and smoothes out wrinkles and also works with pressure points on the face. Total Bliss

30m        45m        60m  
$50         $75         $95

Original Thai Massage
Non Oily / Strong Pressure

Thai Massage Therapy is one of the oldest traditions of Thailand & is widely considered to be a medical discipline used for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. It is a deep, full-body massage, yoga-like stretching. You may feel both relaxed and energized, in an almost dream like state.

45m       60m         90m        120m        150m        180m
$65        $75          $110         $140         $170          $200

Thai Fusion
Thai + Aromatherapy

It’s a combination of original thai massage & aromatherapy. This type of massage helps the mind & muscles relax by combining firm stretchers with aromatherapy oil.

45m       60m         90m        120m        150m        180m
$65        $75          $110         $140         $170          $200

Hot Oil Relaxation
Organic Coconut or Essential Oil

Relax with your choice of hot aromatherapy oil or organic coconut. Both warm and fragrant; this massage will help you relax and unwind from everyday stress & leave your skin soft & smooth.

60m         90m        120m       150m       180m   
$90          $120        $150         $180        $210

Hot Stone Massage

It provides a wealth of benefits for your health and well-being. Relieve stress, relax your muscles, improve your sleeping patterns and your circulation, relieve pain and release toxins from your body with a Hot Stone massage

60m         90m         120m        150m   
$120         $180         $240         $300    


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